Jimmy Kimmel Burns Trump On Claim He's Sacrificed $5 Billion For Country

Donald Trumpclaimed this week that being president was costing him up to $5 billion.

Forbescalled the assertion “absurd.” Jimmy Kimmelwasn’t as kind about Trump’s words on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday.


In highlighting the president’s speech at a Shell petrochemical plant in Pennsylvania, the talk show host mocked Trump for saying: “If you’re wealthy, it doesn’t matter. I just want to do a great job.”

“All he cares about is others,” Kimmel said facetiously. “He doesn’t care about money. He hasn’t even ordered the Treasury to print his face on it yet. By the way, this man who doesn’t care about money, his house looks like Liberace’s sarcophagus.”


Kimmel’s takedown continued with a bit of editing, as he slowed the replay for another episode of “Drunk Donald Trump.”

Watch the segment above.

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